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1114 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230
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When you need to share a comforting thought, let us help you select an appropriate flower option for the home, office, service or cemetery. Vogue Flowers & Gifts can assist you in expressing these sentiments throughout the Richmond, VA area.

For a list of funeral homes we deliver to, click here.

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Blooming Glory Casket Spray, daisies, gladiolus, roses, sympathy
Blooming Glory Casket Spray 596 US 204.95
Hope and Honor Casket Spray, sympathy and funeral
Hope and Honor Casket Spray BC856 US 250.00
Resurrection Casket Spray, roses, tulips, orchids, lilies, sympathy and funeral
Resurrection Casket Spray 00282 US 375.00
Field of Roses Tribute Spray, roses, sympathy
Field of Roses Tribute Spray 593 US 250.00
Graceful Tribute Casket Spray, hydrangea, roses, delphinium, sympathy and funeral
Graceful Tribute Casket Spray S100 US 225.00
Cherished Moments Casket Spray, gladiolus, snapdragons, larkspur, sympathy
Cherished Moments Casket Spray 598 US 275.00
Blanket of Flowers Casket Spray, roses, orchids, lisianthus, veronica, statice, eucalyptus, sympathy and funeral
Blanket of Flowers Casket Spray 00250 US 312.95
Lush Casket Spray, roses, delphinium, bells of ireland, sympathy and funeral
Lush Casket Spray 00284 US 375.00
Adoring Memories Casket Spray, stock, snapdragons, dendrobium orchids, roses, carnations, sympathy and funeral
Adoring Memories Casket Spray TF207 US 281.95
Amethyst and Ruby Casket Spray, roses, heather, lilies, larkspur, sympathy and funeral
Amethyst and Ruby Casket Spray S102 US 325.00
Loving Embrace, tropical, anthurium, ginger, orchids, roses, sympathy and funeral
Loving Embrace 00283 US 349.95
Purple Casket Spray, gladiola, stock, trachelium, carnations, delphinium, larkspur, statice, lisianthus, liatris, sympathy and funeral
Purple Casket Spray 00286 US 400.00

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