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Local Florist Richmond VA Vogue Flower Market

Local Florist Richmond VA Vogue Flower Market

7th Jul 2020

As more and more flower shops begin operating again, the business community has been crying out to consumers to “Support local.” While that’s certainly a wonderful way to help them back on their feet and boost the local economy, as a consumer you may be asking “What’s in it for me?”. Plenty, actually, and here are a few reasons why:

1. You can save more money.

Some large national floral shop chains will usually just redirect your orders to a small local florist somewhere in the same state or region. This florist will make up your order but you get to pay an additional fee to the big name flower site to be the middleman. In case they do not redirect your order but will make up your order themselves, you will then have to pay more for shipping, handling, and any other extras.

2. You can get better service.

Many floral shop chains utilize call center employees to handle calls for them. Any inquiry or complaint you might have will go through these employees who might not personally know a thing about your order. If you order directly from Vogue Flowers and Vogue Flower Market, any concern you have about your order will be immediately addressed by our employees who are flower experts.  We are a family business operating in Richmond Va. so we always have an owner on site.

3. Your flowers will arrive fresher.

Purchasing floral arrangements from a Vogue Flowers and Vogue Flower Market means you get the freshest blooms in the entire RVA region.  We even grow some of our seasonal cut flowers on our own Hanover County Farm, including sunflowers, peonies, & zinnias. 

4. Your arrangements are unique.

Our design team at Vogue Flowers is unsurpassed in skill and experience.  When you call us you can expect excellent recommendations that are customized to your style, needs, and budget.  

5. Vogue Flowers delivers 7 Days a week with same day delivery available until cut off time

Staying with a local florist means that you will get your orders much more quickly than if you order from a giant floral supply chain. Plus because they will get to you sooner, you’ll be able to enjoy their blooms for longer.

Once you’ve established a relationship with your local florist, you can be sure you’ll have someone who knows precisely what you need when you need it.

Supporting small businesses

Thinking local not only helps you cut on costs, but it can also help you and the community in the long run. Every dime you spend on a local enterprise is money it will spend on helping boost other local businesses. For example, your local flower shop is most likely to use a local bank to store its earnings, use a local farm to source flowers, use local crafters for ribbons, and so on. When your community thrives, everyone benefits.

Get fresh blooms delivered in RVA today!

Our experienced local customer service team will help you pick out the best in-season flowers. Contact us now and receive your flowers as soon as possible.  You can also order online at 24 hours a day.